Sunday, August 16, 2009

This started out as a pregnancy blog.......

So, even though I've talked about some other random things going on in life, this started out as a pregnancy blog... a place for me to document when things were happening and how I/we felt about those things, etc... Well, the problem is that pregnancy can be a little "gross" to the average Joe/Jane. Talking about dilation and cervix effacement may make some people go... "why on earth are you posting this online?" Well, BECAUSE IT'S A PREGNANCY BLOG! lol. At least it started out that way......

So, without further ado..... I lost my mucous plug... or at least a good portion of it! All this to say, grossed out as you may or may not be.... this is a process that brought us all into the world! And baby Karson is almost here!!!!!!

All the gloves are off at this point. Jason's mom called him this morning and told him we should have sex a lot so the baby comes soon. That's it. This is just a process of preparing me for 10 people staring at my naked behind while I push a human being out of my body!..... and quite possibly some other things as well.... :)

YAY PREGNANCY! YAY LABOR! YAY LIFE! Ready or not, here we go!


  1. Yay! Can't wait to hear!

  2. You are AWESOME Kristy! GO YOU for telling it like it is :-) You are going to be a kick-ass Mom, Karson is a lucky, lucky boy. Well, Vinny's and my thoughts and prayers are with you- can't wait to meet you're baby boy!
    -<3- Mandy :-)

  3. Hi there moms! just in case early morning sickness sets in, try some simple home remedies to manage the symptoms. Trust me, it's way safer than taking anti emetic medications.


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