Thursday, August 20, 2009

41 Weeks

I didn't really think I'd be writing this post! lol. 41 weeks! Wow!

My doctor told me at my due-date appointment yesterday that only 5% of babies come on their due date! about 85% of first-babies come late... and it's quite possible that he's not overdue at all because I may have ovulated late or something (but I don't think the due date was TOO far off because I DID know exactly when the first day of my last period was AND I found out all the way back in December and he was measuring like 5 or 6 weeks... and at each ultrasound, he was measuring pretty much right-on so I'm sure he'll be here soon...)

He also told me it's a mystery what actually "starts" labor... that it's thought to be completely up to the baby... when his brain sets off a relay of chemical messages that set of a chain reaction of hormones in mommy and off we go! What's been sort of confusing for me is that I've had "sessions," so to speak, of regular contractions.... happening every 7-10 minutes for several hours but there are usually only a handful of contractions that are hard to breathe through.

I had another "session" last night... they always happen at night... but I was eventually able to fall asleep and then nothing came of it. They usually go back to being a little more sporadic by morning and continue that way throughout the day.

So, now that I've been through this a couple times (charting the times, etc) I'm nervous that when I ACTUALLY go into labor, it will be like the boy who cried wolf! lol. I'll be like "yeah yeah, they're every 5 minutes whatever..... this happened before" lol

Come on, baby.... this HAS to be at least as uncomfortable for you as it is for mommy!!! We want to see you and hold you and love you! :)

"Come out, come out.... wherever you are........ and Candace she said was the name of her star...." lol.... that's what Daddy was singing and we cracked up when he said Candace (as in Aunt Candace) instead of Kansas, where Dorothy was actually from! It really doesn't take much to get us cracking up...


  1. Two days late. Just like my first baby. You're such a copy-cat! :-)


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