Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A REAL update!

Okay, so here's a decent update: I just got back from the doctor's... they did the exam and the doc said I was 2 cm dialated and that my cervix is thinned to 80%!!! He said the baby's head was "nice & low" and that that was actually making the exam more difficult for him to do... (it hurt like a bugger!) but that the baby was in an excellent position. He commented on how great a position he was in, given that it was my first delivery... not really sure why, but I also didn't ask. My blood pressure was a little high again (122/90 and then later 130/90... which is actually very high for me) so they want to see me again on Friday morning (instead of in a week). He said at this point, I really could go any day and he went over with me again what the procedure was about when to call, etc.

He said he felt like a "nice sized baby"... I asked about how big and he said "about 8 pounds!" I was like WHAT? Really? He said, yeah I wouldn't be surprised, he feels like a nice sized baby! I was just like.... everyone just keeps telling me how small I am and how he's going to be such a small baby... but he said, "well, it's not a science... give or take 5 lbs!" and then he said "no, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was close to 8 lbs! He's a nice size!"

It made me a little nervous that he said this shortly after feeling his head! Ugh.... I hope he doesn't have the Stinger head! aye aye aye!

What if he comes early!???


  1. i bet my guess will be right- 7lb 11oz!!!! Good luck girl! Don't forget you can call me with your L and D/postpartum questions anytime!!

  2. Good Luck! Wishing you the best! Can't wait to see his pics!


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